Sing My Soul To Sleep

September 28, 2007
What could stop this pain tonight?
There must be something to set this right.
I might accept the past for ture, if only it weren't for loss of you.
But you're already far left and gone, like the nighttime solice to the dawn.
It wasn't meant to be this way.
What could I, can I, do or say?
For all your words and bitter rejection, my heart retains undaunted affection.
It's some crude curse upon my soul, making what was life, a void, a hole.
In a world shattered by a single word, only loves cruelty can be assured.
"If a secrets not worth keeping, when desires finally sleeping. The maybe devotions dying? Maybe then the world stops crying."
But what a careless, false, ungaurded thought! You're gone, and in an endless torment I'm caught.
Only sweet delusions of the soul's homeless aching stops. For once it leaves, there still remain the silver drops. Tortured with the over-kept secrets of the heart, in the end, they'll only drive your mind apart.
Now lying awake, haunted by your face.
Full of these thoughts I still can't erase.
When life yeilds me, torn by a choice,
I still can't help, but remember your voice.
While it's ripping my heart at its fraying seems,
I'm only catching the shards of your shattered dreams.
Wherever now, my love, you may lie,
know tormented and sleepless, I cry.
When night creeps from shore to shore,
let darkness surrender me once more.
If bitter reality indeed parts us forever,
maybe in dreams we can dance together?

Pain may haunt me, regret might daunt me, but hope, inside, flickers faintly still.
This gap has a chance to fill.
Scars sometimes never heal, but I can learn again to feel.

I'll promise you, as I finally drift to sleep,
Hell rise or Heaven fall,
my heart you'll always keep.

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