September 28, 2007
Soldier of Light,
This man sought to heal,
Evil forced him to fight,
A will made of steel.

The Priestess asks of his aid,
He knelt by the Befallen,
His holy debt to be repaid.

The Befallen prays for his own homelands,
A heart full of dread,
The Paladin blesses the Befallen wiith Lay on Hands,
His heart in a lull tread,
A soul needn't any demands,
Only repel that which is undead.

Surrounding darkness intense,
Screams of lost souls provoking fear,
Greater evils becoming immense,
The Spectre drawing near.

The Paladin smites his Redemption,
Prepared for ultimate sacrifice,
To heed Divine Intervention,
The Priestess could not bear to entice.

The Paladin comes one to heart,
Such a feeling of everlasting desire,
One can never break apart.

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