True Evil

September 27, 2007
The tender-hearted people are so sickly denied
The right to live free, for they hear nothing but lies.
Unheard are the clearly announced deceptions
Should these people be saved, or be merely rejections?
They pray to an idea that was long ago started
But its progress blocked by Hell’s first incarnate.
Strong he stands with the power imbued
Of those he has wronged, of the damage anew.
Why is his order never denied?
Is it his chain of command as strong as the tide?
No, say I, that is not fully true.
For he has obtained this power from both me and you.
And everyone who has not resisted his rule.
Of those who’ve accepted their roles as his tool.
The black gold he seeks is the only reason
That we are at war, but they’ll say this is treason.
They’ll say I’m a liar, that I’ll poison your minds.
That I’m against God, that I am so blind.
They think I alone as the blind, deaf, and dumb
So, we must march together to the beat of one drum.
Don’t be fooled by his promise of protection
For he weaves a tall tale to dissuade all defection
To all who walk in the name of a God
Do you not find it strange; do you not find it odd
That if God once told us never to kill
We are bending so easily to the Fallen One’s will?
Don’t accept any answers, always question your fate.
We’re at the twilight of his rule; the hour is late.

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