September 27, 2007
By J.J. Stout, Mooreland, OK

Running through the darkness,
to get past this titanic mess.
trying to find the eternal light,
just so we can stop this endless fight.
Can you, will you set me free?
Oh please, please, help me.
I pick a silent path
and pray it does not end with wrath.
My body begins to catch fire,
I look both ways but see no where to retire.
Dying slowly and lonely in the dark,
You have made your final mark.
You made a mistake,
but it was my life you chose to take.
I no longer feel any of this pain,
I begin to think I'm insane.
But no, you let me go,
you are no longer my hated foe.
For I know one day you will face the gate,
and there, only they can determine your fate..

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