September 27, 2007
By Kyli Turner, Kennewick, WA

the days go by
and still i cry
myself to sleep each night

how do i forget
lose all my regret
let my broken heart mend

i'm so tired of this s***
the constant 'drip,drip'
and still not a peep i've let slip

and oh how i wonder
as i sit and i ponder
if losing me has torn you asunder

because here without you
i'm lost and im blue
and i cant seem to find the truth

i'm two halves of a whole
scratch that i'm just a hole
digging deeper and deeper to find my own soul

the true meaning of me
and who i'm meant to be
with or without you, you'll see

so that days can go by
and i wont sit and cry
myself to sleep each night

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