If I were Bellatrix Lestrange...

August 18, 2010
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It shall rise tonight,
The evil eye of the Dark Lord;
The tasks undone
Shall unleash their truth-
Their veils of horrors
Shall conceal none tonight.
Tonight the true terror
Shall show itself alike
And the good and pure shall die;
Taking evil to great heights.
The doom of the good,
Shall yield the victory of the dark;
And the Lord of the Dark
Shall rise victorious again.
What lay a barrier
Against his powerful forces
Shall be with him this time
To turn the world, enslave.
Neither innocence nor faith
Shall move the Dark Lord;
No good can survive
Under the Lord’s reign.
Those that serve shall thrive
And those denying shan’t survive.
So, bow down to him,
My merciful Lord of the Dark.

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