Eager McBeaver (Payback- Con-Artist)

September 27, 2007
By Jonathan Yakubov, Elizabeth, NJ

Oh Little, Little, Rabbit, Eager McBeaver
back again.

Oh Eager McBeaver had
a chore, which was to whitewash the gates around the house.

Oh Eager McBeaver
didn’t like chores, like you know
so he tried to find an easy way out.

Oh Eager McBeaver
had a couple of friends named Mike, Timmy, and Larry
who were watching Eager McBeaver
whitewash the gate around the house
and these were the friends he took to Mr. Flip’s Garden.
Oh Eager McBeaver wanted payback for they ran away and didn’t get blamed.

Oh Eager McBeaver’s friends
wanted him to play with them.
Oh but than Eager McBeaver thought...
Oh he didn’t want to whitewash the gate,
so he made it look as if whitewashing was fun.
Which made his friends think...
“I want to do that.”

Oh Eager McBeaver
made them give him something to be able to whitewash the gate.
Oh they gave him money, books, and his favorite carrots.
Oh he loved this.
His payback came.
And all he did was tame.

Oh Eager McBeaver is one con-artist.
Oh he went in to watch T.V. and eat carrots
while his friends did his dirty work.
Oh how lazy and such a jerk.

Oh Eager McBeaver’s mother came
home, from work.
And knew McBeaver was a lurk.
She saw his friends doing the whitewash.
Oh Eager McBeaver never learns does he.

Oh his mother gave back his friends’ the things and Eager McBeaver
wasn’t going to get an allowance and was a dead man.

Oh Eager McBeaver, when will you learn.
Oh he wanted so much revenge that it reflected back to him.

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