A Mother's Love

September 27, 2007
By JessicaRose921 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
JessicaRose921 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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You've helped me up when I have fallen,
Cradled me, when inside I'd felt I'd tripped.
You've given me a comfort I will never forget.
Your experience, it kills me.
I don't know when it came, but your knowledge its outrageous.
For it, i have no name.
You told me I was right, only when I was, answering my questions, one by one.
Lifting the corners of my lips when they were down.
Shining light when I saw none around.

Not to say you were alone.
From day one he was there.
Seems he was always by your side.
And holding you when even I cried.
Eighteen, and only a year past me now.
I thought you were the smartest one around.
Yet now I know its different, and everything you said, was knowledge of a highschool kid.

You had been taught your basic math, and arithmetic.
Your teachers taught you well.
You learned anatomy, and about human cells.
But did they teach you what you really know?
And if not when'd it come?
That knowledge you seemed to have.
'The smartest one around.'

At school did they talk behind your back?
Did they see you as pretty dumb?
Or were you popular, because he was your 'one'?

That kid on the football team.
'Number 52.'
The one with 'the hair'.
The guy for you.
You probably fell for his muscles too.
Strong and funny.
At home, very sweet.
Michael, you probably thought, 'he's the one for me.'

I guess I can't say much more, because you can probably see.
If not in tears, I have been thinking a lot about me.
My birthday is soon, '17'.
A year under you.
And still just a teen.

I'm scared to drive cars.
I can't do my hair.
I don't want a job, because I am scared.
I don't wanna move on, even though maybe I do.
I wanna be strong, kinda like you.

A year from now, I will be as old as you were.
A year from now, I will be a clone of your presents, or so i strive.
The difference is, I can't be that smart.
I can't even drive!!

If you were the smartest person on earth, and daddy was king, and you both were everything;
can I expect much more from me?
Can I climb that high with out taking a leap?

Please, wipe off your tears on your face, and continue to read, because the last line is important to me.
Forever, you have been everything.
I wish that I could measure up to such a silly thing, without spreading my wings.
I am not ready to grow up, and I can never be that way.
If you say I can, I'll probably just stay

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