Every girl wishes to be

August 20, 2010
By shashae09 BRONZE, Cambridge, Ohio
shashae09 BRONZE, Cambridge, Ohio
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"Live life, have no regrets"- me

High cheek bones, painted face
chest out, a walk with grace.
Perfect hair, white teeth
in style, no meat.
Like a super-model in the magazines,
It's what every girl wishes to be.

Cheerleader, popular crowd
rich family, homecoming crown.
Popular boyfriend, "cool" friends,
parties, hot-trends.
Like a popular girl on T.V
It's just what every girl wishes to be.

Pink cheek bones, broke-out face,
flat chest, a walk with no grace.
Frizzy hair, crooked teeth,
Hammey-downs, extra meat
Math wiz, nerdy crowd
poor family, not so proud.
No boyfriend, fake friends,
thick glasses, braces.
Not like a super-model in a magazine
or a popular girl on T.V.
I'm NOT what every girl wishes too be,
I'm real, and im just me.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this poem was just high school. A lot of girls want to be like people on tv or the gorgous women you see in a magazine. But you cant be perfect like them, nobody is. So you have to be yourself and accept who you are, especially while your in high school.

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