Take A Dip

September 27, 2007
Living in New Mexico at the time,
We left alone our humble home
A family vacation is our plan
Southern Utah here we come to radiant Calf Creek
On a hike we sure did go, a long one I must say

We hiked, and hiked, and tramped along
‘Til we were almost there
A babbling brook came up by the trail,
Oh so tempting it was
‘Til finally we both gave in and removed our sturdy shoes
We cautiously stepped in the brook,
And…OH! How good it felt

We rambled through and sure enough, only a short ways more
Magnificent in the afternoon light,
It lay there, beckoning …
The Waterfall! We got there in due course,
At last it’s time for lunch

We munched our PB and our J,
Oh how scrumptious they were
Now finally it’s time,
And I can go for a swim

I swiftly changed to my swim gear,
Then I ran to the water’s edge
I cautiously dipped one small toe---
Eeek! The frost, the ice, the snow! Oh my! That’s cold!
But fears aside and here I go

Now that wasn’t so bad,
I think I can stay for a while,
I romp, I play, and I frolic around
But I’m just waiting now

Wait! Hold on!
What was that?
Daddy’s coming in?!
Oh boy! Oh my! What good fun!
This will be so fine!

Now this is jolly
Look at us dancing,
The sweet music of the waterfall
Propelling us around
We’re tired now, we’re almost done,
But Sarah won’t get out

Daddy and I ambled over to the shallow rocks
And WOW! What a surprise!
The water’s warm as the blazing sun,
Now we lie down and rest ‘til day is done

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