I am ME

August 21, 2010
By Anonymous


A simple word,

But these days,

Who really knows?

What that means.

I try not to be,

The person everyone

Wants me to be,

But more of the

Person I am.

Judgment sucks,

But everyone is

Entitled to their

Own opinion.

Anyone can tell

You who they are,

But how many

Tell the truth?

I am me.

I love my family,

But they can’t

Tell me who to be,

Or what to become,

Or what clothes

To dress in.

I stand for the rights of

Gays, lesbians,

Unborn children,

Abused children,

Under aged moms,

And animals.

I believe in

Whatever I want to.

I live however I want to.

I dream as big as I can.

I choose to be

Someone who matters,

Even if its only to me,

Because I am,

The author's comments:
i dont know it just kinda came to me

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