Danse de la Sorcière

September 27, 2007
By Jennifer Pearl, Yardley, PA

Reverberating footsteps in the grand hall

Childrens laughter below the stairs
The light was dim as the chandelier hung
Condemnation; like the wired noose
Was drawn so tight like a lace corset
The stares so avid
Faces, glee
Pointing the way to sustenance of

Echoes of whispers behind the mask

Adults cheers below the hang
The light was bright as the chandelier swung
Pulled to reality; lie the long lost innocence
Of the ones whose screams were never heard over the jubilance
The dance so wild
Reformed, sad
Where does the freedom lie?
Following the way to

Chokes of dying ones on hopeless struggle, trial

Silence in the grand abyss
The light was dark as the chandelier fell
And the porcelain doll just sat and stared

Silent Recognition, with those stoic orbs
The hair in ringlets, Dress
Chiffon, lace
Showing the way to

Throat burning screams raising the dance

Shards of nothing in the air
The light was fire as the chandelier crashed
Why does thy heart still beat, resilience so strong

Just as the celestial skies aching with purple
And the harvest moon be ripe and round

Let the harvest begin, oh reaper of souls!

Let the entertainment begin, as society falls!
The ribbons so stained
Becoming unfurled
And where does the doll lay now but the
Perch on the mantle
Head shattered under foot of the prominent.
Beaconing the way to

Danse de la sorcière
Dance of the witch

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