Feeling the Earth

August 15, 2010
My bare feet slowly brush the lush green grass.
Each one soft and wet.
I feel the weight of my feet press against each piece.
I inhale long and smell the morning sky.
I feel the wind rush through my hair.

I see a tree down the hill.
I begin to run.
Feeling the wind, the rush, my feet pounding on the earth in perfect rhythm.
The tree is closer now I can almost touch it.
I see the bright orange fruit dangle from the tree.
Rough bark hard and warm in my hand.
I swing my legs up climbing high.
Grab the Fruit right out of the sky.

Pulling each piece of its skin off slowly at first.
Then finally at last I bite into the tangy smelling fruit.
Feeling the juice run down my face, on my tounge and down my throught. Tasteing the sweet tangy pulp.

I sit there purtched on my branch.
Feet dangleing and hands wrapped around the sweet piece of Fruit.

I let go of everything and inhale long and slow. each smell becomeing its own.
As I sit there thinking im alone.
I join the earth and hear the beat.

Its the ryhthn of the Earth.
Its heart.
Suddenly im not alone.
I run with the wind
and smell the Earth.
Feeling everything.

I'm feeling the Earth.

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