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August 18, 2010
By turbodeegirl BRONZE, Webster Groves, Missouri
turbodeegirl BRONZE, Webster Groves, Missouri
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Always thinking about you
Barely eating or sleeping just trying to
Cope with the fact that you
Dont like me and that
Everything about you is just so perfect but
Fate has decided I'm not the right
Girl for you which is
Horribly right because you deserve so much better
I know i was a jerk
Just doing what i did
Knowing that i hurt you i could tell you i
Love you, you would say its b***s***
Not but im too afraid to try
Obviously this wont fix itself i
Probebly wont be able to forget you i was your
Queen you were my king you
Really gave me all the love you had and i
Shoved it all back in your face and how am i going to
Try to ask for that back it would be
Unbelivable of me to do that and
Vividly painfull
With what selfworth i have left before you realize you can play me like a
Xylophone i am going to try to forget
You even though i know trying is pointless but if anyone asks, i have
Zero feelings for you, even though we all know its a damn lie.

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