The Courtyard Diaries

September 27, 2007
By Sarah Johnson, Matthews, NC

The wind silent
But dreading the sorrow sound,
Of an old friend
That was lost but never found

Walking though the remembered path
In the shattered glass I see myself 12 years before,
I the shadows an old oak tree sat
My favorite branch ripped, shredded and torn

Trying to remember my friend and I
Happy as we could be,
Until I could never see her again
Because lightning hit her when she was in a tree

Below the branch were some gritty roses
In a patch of highlighted grass,
That reminded me of what my mother said
“Looking of something lost is a piece of trash”

Oh how I miss my friend
Her hair, her smile, her everything,
When you were sad of mad she was there
She’d make you sing

The wind picking up
So I had to run,
Searching every inch
But didn’t find my lost friend Addison

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