The Courtyard Diaries

The wind silent
But dreading the sorrow sound,
Of an old friend
That was lost but never found

Walking though the remembered path
In the shattered glass I see myself 12 years before,
I the shadows an old oak tree sat
My favorite branch ripped, shredded and torn

Trying to remember my friend and I
Happy as we could be,
Until I could never see her again
Because lightning hit her when she was in a tree

Below the branch were some gritty roses
In a patch of highlighted grass,
That reminded me of what my mother said
“Looking of something lost is a piece of trash”

Oh how I miss my friend
Her hair, her smile, her everything,
When you were sad of mad she was there
She’d make you sing

The wind picking up
So I had to run,
Searching every inch
But didn’t find my lost friend Addison

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