Sunlight is shining,

September 27, 2007
Sunlight is shining,
Shining on my face,
It streams through windows
Like a string of lace.

Sunlight is shining,
Shining on the grass,
It makes the grass gleam,
With its green and beauty.

Sunlight is shining,
Shining in my eyes,
Its hard to see,
With the reflection.

Sunlight is shining,
Shining on my feet,
When I try to listen to the sun, it talks to me.

It says hello hayley,
Nice to see you,
Last time I saw you,
You were singing skip to my loo.

I reply back with a smile and a grin,
Then a big storm cloud came in.

Sunlight is strong and it pushed it out the way,
Saying don’t ever come back, I need to shine my beauty.

So after that,
It was always sunny,
Skies of clear blue.

Now I always sing,
Skip to my loo.

On a clear path talking to the sun,
I now always know not to mess with him he is very strong.

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