September 27, 2007
Spring is a time for reflection
of everything in our lives
The joys and laughter and kisses and strides
even the heart wrenching hate and lies
To overcome the shadow of the darkness of winter
To shed new light for our souls
To hear the songs the birds sing
To see the magic unfold

Spring is a time for starting new things
To feel new feelings and see what they bring
For a spring without love is not spring at all
for the bees would stop buzzing
and the flowers would fall

Spring has a feeling I wish to describe
But no matter how hard, even the hardest I try
I will never be able to tell you the thoughts in my mind
The love in my heart
The past left behind
For if you could tell what feeling spring gives me
it would be ruined forever
and no hopes would you see
no lips would you kiss
even as warm as can be

Because spring has that way
of making love believe
but you have to have the courage
to open your eyes and see…

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