Generations to Come

August 17, 2010
A petroleum coddled flame,
Ablaze with lusty desire,
Burning bright with fiery stupidity,
Flickering yellow with biting compunction;
Sedate remorse with pleasure-soaked sin,
Take your fix of unjust rapture,
Aurora will awaken a newborn crisis,
Inhale your atrocity with medicated gratification;
Washed out tonic will leave you joyless,
Pleasure-draped recollections scald your skin with humiliation,
Time-warped ecstasy boils over spilling down to form your murky past;
Persistence terminates chances of rejuvenation,
Drowning hope in sooty obsession and fanatic gregariousness,
Absorbed in deficiency you give your immaculate flaws consent to lather in delusive untruth;
Wading in your own distorted methods, corruption bleeds through your thick skin,
And, as the arsenic weakens your being, mortification overwhelms you;
Immersed in decadence,
You breathe in your intoxicating essentials,
Cake your brain in alleviating appeasement,
And further inebriation animates a newborn flame.

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