7:05 A.M. on the dot

September 27, 2007
7:05 A.M. on the dot.
Lethargically, I sling my messenger bag over my shoulder
Heading out the door.
Autumn air awakens me.
I unravel my headphones, MP3 still attached.
I put them on.
Scrolling through, I pick an old album.
Maxing the volume to overpower the morning noises.
I slowly walk down the hill to assure
I arrive as the bus does,
Waiting isn’t my forte
I enter
Half asleep kids fill the seats
At the back I sit, alone
With music and the world moving by
I forget about my destination
Day after day the same landscape goes by.
I miss nothing as I doze off to the rocking of the bus.
A jarring bump rudely awakens me.
In the window, the school,
It makes me tired.

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