Oh It's Love<3

August 12, 2010
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When I first saw you i was breathless. You take my breath away. I get lost in your eyes. I think of you everyday. You opened the door and stole my heart. You captivated my soul. I am yours.
Oh, it's love.
Every moment with you is a fairytale. A dream beyond belief. Nothing can compare. You're everything I could ever hope to have...And so much more. you complete me.
Oh, it's love.
You lifted up my spirit. You took all my worries away. When I'm with you I know everythig is going to be okay. Our hands entwined, two hearts beating as one. Nothing could go wrong. There are no barriers for two people in love. You're my everything.
Oh, it's love.
You gave me hope, made me feel so special. I gave you everything i had... Expecting nothing in return. You made my heart do flips.
Oh, it's love.
You broke my heart, I had so willingly given to you. You broke the promises you made. You shattered everything I knew. All I had was suddenly gone in the blink of an eye. Everything vanished, from a love i thought I'd won. You were my whole world.
Oh, it's love.
You left me alone. Not a single light in the darkness that now engulfs the world around me. Just old memories, pieces of my heart and tears. How could you do this to me? Was everything you said a lie? You said you loved me...Where did the feeling go? You promised me forever...Did time go by that quick? You've left, taking away all that I am. Yet, you still leave me breathless. I get lost in your eyes. I think of you everyday.
Oh, it's love.
What you did will haunt me forever. It's not going to be easy. There's a part of me that wants you to experience as much pain and suffering as I am. But I couldn't. I never want to see you unhappy. You're happiness is everything to me. So if this is what you want, if this is what it takes. Then fine, i'll do it. I'd give anything for you.
Oh, it's love.

''Love is when you shed a tear and still want him. It's when he ignores you and you still love him. It's when he loves somebody else and you still smile and say, 'I'm happy for you.' When all you really do is cry.''

Oh, it's love...

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