inflicting truth

August 12, 2010
How strong a light
could heal a dying rose
or a healing hand
to give a tiny bird flight.
A disease cause physical effects
and the soul full of life
as the body is dying
slowly, more sleep is needed
less likely to eat
and dizziness is her
today and tomorrow
until her heart beat ends.
she has given her heart
a chance at all shes ever wanted
a chance, a choice of emotion
to be held in every way.
She can not inflict that pain
though something says to stay.
she lies awake beckoning
on days close to I Do
tears wanting to be released
sickness is whispering whats true.
Parental hatred is there
a forbidden lifetime of
moon and stars only
inflict upon her to stare.
She tells herself it has to end
but she cant hurt her love
and the one she calls her best friend.
soon a leaf will fall
in autumn or not
and a baby will start to crall
in all the thoughts she'd end with
she thought she'd enjoy it all.

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