To Think We Were Her Children

August 18, 2010
By Dawn95 BRONZE, Suprise, Arizona
Dawn95 BRONZE, Suprise, Arizona
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Earth graced us with her presence.
She gave unto thee
All the beauty and glory
Of the ground beneath me.
We took the ground and sowed
Golden fields of wheat,
Being careful with our feet
For the ground, the sky did heat.
We chopped and cut her forests
Making homes within to be.
Living off her bounty,
Leaving none for she.
We siphoned up her poison
And gave it to the air,
Thinking earth wouldn’t care.
The sky wasn’t so rare.
But the air did melt away,
The sky began to die.
It dripped away with a sigh,
No chance to say goodbye.
Mother earths tears of grief
Sank into the ground.
She slept, nothing to gain
If she had stayed around.
To wake her, we tried in vain,
Tried with every sound.
But we had given her pain
And this is what we found.
We had killed her lover.
There is no solid ground.

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