Prejudice, Judgement, and Hurt

August 12, 2010
By Jakey1234 BRONZE, Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Jakey1234 BRONZE, Excelsior Springs, Missouri
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If I were to cut, would you judge me?
If I were down, pride less, the typical s***, what would you say?
Would you be forgiving? And help me change?
Or would you be judgmental? And just arrange,
A list, of jokes, names, and ways to tease
Criticism, blackmail, making fun, to get along with your friends, to have fun yourself, to please
Make yourself higher than the rest like me.....
Why? Oh why can’t you just let people be?
Yes, we may be different, there might be wrong…
But what gives you the right? To make us feel, as though we don’t belong…
This is a world, in which we all need to share
With out stopping and staring, because of how I dress, and what I wear
Don’t put me down, I don’t hate you
And I don’t understand, what exactly I do
That sets you off and makes you mad
And how teasing me will make you glad
I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve never done anything to let you down
But still you laugh at me and make me frown
Yes, I may be gay, I may be this so called ‘emo’
I dye my hair black and listen to screamo
But I know you and I, feel the same
With the same emotions, love, sadness, anger, shame
I don’t make fun of you for being a cowboy, hick, jock, prep
So please, stop this nonsense, and take a step
Back to look and see what you’ve done
Made my life miserable just to have some fun
You know it’s bad, you know it’s wrong
But still you do it, all day long
I love the world the people too,
And you know that I would never do the same to you
Please oh please just be my friend
At least don’t make fun of me and don’t pretend
You’re not better than me, and you will never
Not now, not tomorrow, not yesterday, not ever
There is no such thing as good or bad
No matter whether I follow the crowd and decide with the newest fad
Yes I’m different, but treat me with respect
Because you give me it, and you can expect
I’ll give it back and I and I’ll do it with a smile
Because I don’t enjoy being sad, not even for a while

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