Why must it pour?

September 26, 2007
By Rachel Jandak, Birdewater, NJ

Why must it pour?
The sorrows of this land.
Why must it pour the misery?
Why cant the world be bright,
Why cant the world not fight.
Why cant the sunshine bright
In every corner of this land, where
Rivers flow, and freedom roams,
In every nick and creavas. Of this
Shadowed land.
Why must its pour?

How can we win the battle,
When hope is lost in the mist?
How can birds fly in poisoned air?
Where is the sun that used
To shine so brightly on my face?
That warmed the plains that
Go ever on.
Why must death plunder this land?
Why must it pour?

Where is peace now?
Driven away by the evil that plagues
Us all? Gone forever? Dead?
Killed in battle like so
Thrown in a bottle away from light?
In the heart of all things?
Why must it pour?

Why must it pour the blood?
Of the slain? Why must it pour
The sorrow? The death?
The shadow? Why must the lovers
Be torn apart? Why must the child die?

Why does it pour?

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