August 11, 2010
By AngelofDeath519 BRONZE, West Harrison, Indiana
AngelofDeath519 BRONZE, West Harrison, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"It can't rain all the time."

-Brandon Lee in The Crow

A pup fresh out of mother's womb
Who's now a child of the moon
Crying as a human infant cries
Wanting the cold to go away soon

Growing bigger with each passing day
Having fun with others as we play
So we may hunt and become a dominant
Leading the pack to not fall a stray

Listening to the wind as it cries
Smelling for danger where it lies
Leading he pack to find food
Of the earth and not the skies

With the thrill of a kill
The pack will eat their fill
Dominants first then the others
We must eat fast as it grows still

Now it is the season of cold
So we must find a place to hold
For new life will be born
And some will be lost like those of old

In this season we must always eat
For our strength we need the meat
Or else our pups will perish
So now we must be on our feet

Once the season has gone
We leave the cave at dawn
To return to our other home
Where our lives will go on

Our cries echo in the air
The wind runs through our hair
as we cry to the moon
To let the world know we are there

The author's comments:
I love wolves and I hope it inspires people to save them.

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