I am from a little green duplex

September 26, 2007
I am from a little green duplex home in Miami,
A beige-painted bedroom
with a border of baby Mickey Mouse characters surrounding me.

From sharing a room with my sister,
to spending time with her more than ever
From mother and grandmother sung late lullabies,
To soothe and calm sleep I went
From many Cuban meals my grandmother papered me,
To the El Salvadoran meals my mother cook as well

I am from a catholic school
Where I learned to love my god and others

Joining Boy scouts with my best friend
From learning to camp, to learning about nature

From New York to North Carolina, twice facing the colds
From Miami, moving to Pembroke pines
From a public school, to a charter school

From coming far I rest near waiting to know were life takes me next.

From never knowing, to knowing were I am forever more.

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