Far Beyond the Sea.

August 14, 2010
By Kimbella BRONZE, Laurelton, New York
Kimbella BRONZE, Laurelton, New York
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Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.

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— Langston Hughes

I have lost the right to know you, and to reach you my love, long, long ago
And I, do not dare, to stare from a far, wherever you are, I do not want to know
The cold black winter will come, Christmas will pass, and I will not once, call you
I will glance over at the phone, then turn away and remember it would be wrong to do

You may think I am bitter, or that I have forgotten, and in love with someone new
And I pray you will never again ask, for you have lost the right to know me too
Remember it was you, who went away that August, and said the words that led me to cry
And I, carried on my way, but every now and again, you return, and I just don’t know why

You always come and go, and I’m a fool, if I think you ever seriously intend to stay
If this how it is fated to be, then I think I’ll go far beyond the sea and live a half a world away
Your ghost will always live in my heart, that face, the look in your eyes, and that smile
I was born to know you and to keep you company, but sadly it seems, only for a little while

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