November 3, 2007
By Nalyse Seymore, Bronx, NY

Beyond the reasonable doubts of our world,
We share our own nirvana

How far does its horizon reach and
How far does its length dive for deep spaces?

We are the only ones who know

They’ll ask, and I’ll tell them where it lies

“It lies so deep amongst my hell and temptations,
Far beyond where I believe your courage to question resides

You’ll venture out into a suicidal atmosphere of knowledge
…It welcomes you
But still, you’ll refuse to take that risk

You’ll refuse to trust me
Due to my uninviting looks
And misleading eyes

Do not be fooled
By the lost message of the eye
-A common bigotry

Patience is never omnipresent in this world
So I will lock the doors to this taste
Of my serenity
And instability

For if I let you in,
Your bones will lead to
A sadistic case


You were the only one

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