On This Island

November 3, 2007
Would you like to sit with me
on my island in the sea?
The perfect place far from home
where troubles never seem to roam.

I’ll feed you fruit all day and night,
comfort you in dark and light.
I hope you’ll do the same for me
on this island by the sea.

You need not worry on this sand.
Fret’s unreal within this land.
The perfect place for you and me
Forever lovers we can be.

You’ll never frighten, never scare
just as long as you’re aware
that this island by the sea
is one that you can never leave.

No boats, no planes, no trains, no cars,
all so that you don’t go far
and leave me here to be alone
to let my heart to turn to stone.

I’ve had it happen once before,
but it shall happen never more
because I’ve made for you and me
this secret island in the sea.

And if you feel the need to run
then watching you I’ll have some fun,
for sharks dwell thick within this sea,
so you might want to stay with me.

I don’t’ mean this to sound a threat,
but just so that you don’t forget,
the only one you’ll love is me
on this island by the sea.

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