Don't Forget the Rules

November 3, 2007
By rachel simpson, Cincinnati, OH

Dont forget the rules
The heart breaking rules
You lie to me
I know you do
What should I do
Dont you see that when you are sad
The pain shows right through my eyes
The unbaerable pain
The lies pour through ever ounce
Of my body
They fill my blood with
Thick tar
I feel my body shake with fear
With anger
And regret
My whole body can feel it
Can't you?
It sakes and shivers
Ihe perfect lie i know your playing it off
You cant
You dont
You never will
You never did
Love me
The perfect lie
Is the one that fools the heart
The music of hate just
Fills my body just as
The tar of lies does
You could have saved me
You said you would
But your not
Your slipping me further
and further into madness
I can feel it
Can't you
I can see it
Can't you
Please let me alone if this
Is all you will do to me
I can feel the tar pouring into my heart
It burns so bad
It's ripping my heart apart
I have only felt this once before
And I was one the brink of death
Save me....
Oh wait your the one killing me
Well then,
Why are you doing this
What have I ever done to you
You feed me the perfect lie
And its killing me from the inside out
It will burn my heart and all of my organs
And soon my skin and musle
Will slide off
Just like water on a rock.

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