Waiting For A Red Bandanna

November 3, 2007
A little girl waits
Sitting on a back porch-
But she is too late.

He was from a small town down in Indiana,
he had big brown eyes
and an old red bandanna.

He spent a lot of time with his Uncle and Aunt,
sitting on their back porch
always saying “I can’t.”

He wasn’t very old,
his cousin was pregnant-
with triplets he was told.

That little baby,
she was Baby B
that was me.

That little girl she grew
she loved him so much
he taught her all that he knew.

Instead of talking about what he couldn’t be,
sitting on that old back porch
always talking to me.

He met a girl that stole his heart,
said he was in love,
he and his baby girl had to part.

It was late
that night he drove home
from his final date.

He drove down to see his Uncle and Aunt,
wanting to sit on that back porch,
back to saying “I can’t”.

He was sad when he did not hear,
the laughter of
his family dear.

He drove to a small town down in Indiana,
wrote a note
and layed it down with a red bandanna.

His eyes filled with tears,
remembering his family’s love
throughout the years.

His car did a whirl,
But did he try to pull over
Before fate took control?

That was the last time his car drove by,
that small town down in Indiana,
That was the night he’d die.

As she began to cry,
missing her old friend,
Wondering why he had to die.

She didn’t want to wait,
for what she knew would not come.
He had long met his fate.

Three years had past
since he died
but the pain still would last.

She did not say goodbye
because the last time she had seen him,
no one thought he would die.

It is all now lost in my past,
I don’t remember much of it
but the pain will always last.

In my heart,
he is there wearing a red a bandanna.
We will never really part.

In that small town down in Indiana,
visiting his grave,
I closed my eyes tight and saw a red bandanna.

He was from a small town down in Indiana,
he had big brown eyes
and an old red bandanna.

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