Your Litany of Complaints

November 2, 2007
By Jiwon Kim, Koror, ZZ

it's sickening to hear your litany of complaints,
while i'm standing here wondering about my mistakes.

i don't know where to start scrutinizing,
but sure enough i'll be on my way discovering.

They say seize the day and end the pain,
but my heart keeps revolving around the things you said.

Long lasting memories to decimate
the happiness in which i shed my tears away.

A meager attention from your face used to brighten up my day
but now only misery and distraught live through the phase.

I know i'm inculpable but my heart feels like it's breaking apart real fast,
because i'm spending most of my time thinking about the past.

Fortunately, i know i'm strong
so despite what you're seeing, i'll be moving on.

With white to color in my happy days
and black to color in my sad moments,

on my palette lies the color gray...
for it to be remembered for a life time.

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