To Imagine

November 2, 2007
Is it ok to tell you i love you and that i want you to always be there.
Is it ok I'm only saying this because i want you to be aware
Is it ok to know you from a million miles away
Is ok for me to tell you this today?
Will I offend you If i tell you I wanna make you proud
Will it hurt you if i scream it out loud
Will you look at me funny and question your love
If i told you I think we fit like hand and glove
If i sang you a song of a thousand loving words
can you admit that we are just a bunch of nerds
can you see my face smilling at you
when you say i was the one you wanted to pursue
you tell me I'm good and pretty
But from you i dont want pitty
Sometimes you make me feel bad
And somtimes really sad
but when you are true and real to me
together forever i wish we could be

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