August 11, 2010
By Sonic SILVER, Colne, Lancashire, Other
Sonic SILVER, Colne, Lancashire, Other
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The founder of this meadow before us,
requests you hear this poem, and trust,
that the meadow is filled with fairy dust,
and thus, will make you glow!

The yellow of the daisies will brighten your day,
the trickle of the waterfall keeps gloomy silence at bay.

The soft earth will cushion your stance,
and the fairy dust will make you dance!

No wind, no rain, no cloud nor fall,
this meadow does enchant us all.
The sky so bright, the water clear,
Content and happiness is always here.

And so for thee who's mind is wide,
should take this meadow in their pride,
and to whomever thee shall bring,
to them, this poem, thee must sing.

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