Man Dressed in All Black

November 2, 2007
By Scarlett SangD'agneau, Queen Creek, AZ

Man dressed in all Black
Came A-knocking on my door
He looked distinguished in his top-hat
While his cape hung to the floor
Devilishly handsome
With his long dark hair
Gold shirt buttons in two columns
And a penetrating stare
His eyes were slightly shadowed
By the wide brim of his hat
His laugh was like a rattle
In a toddlers little hand
I smiled and let him in
As I offered a cup of coffee
He took his hat off with a grin
Then politely thanked me
His eyes were a warm brown
As they studied my little kitchen
I asked him if he wanted to sit down
He nodded and took a seat prepared to listen
We talked for about an hour
About taxidermy and the moon
His Voice resembled thunder
As his laughs filled up the room
I tried to avoid eye contact
Tracing the rim of my mug
But his clever jokes and shaky laugh
Made it hard not to loosen up
I was caught off guard when he took my hand
And looked into my eyes
He said, “Please come with me Dear Madame
Off into the sunset we will ride”
My pale white hands quivered
My heart was in my mouth
I could not even whisper
The words would not come out
After a period of silence
He let go of my hand
Stood up with a grimace
And said I “I understand”
But just as he turned his back
And his caped swished fluidly
I stood up, forced a little laugh
He turned and looked back at me
I said, “You know that it ain’t easy
To be a married girl
And to fall in love at sixteen
With a man that isn’t yours
You took me on your blackest horse
We were gone with the dust
Behind me I left so much more
My baby, and my husband
And I must admit now
The fun that we had had
But to wake up in my husband’s house
Back in my husband bed
I really shouldn’t have expected much
From a wanted renegade
But from all these years that I’ve craved your touch
My mind has been remade
I’ve actually grown to hate you
In a loving sort of fashion
However, I’d rather see you dead
Than suffer from this passion”
Yes, that is what I said
Before I pulled out my gun
I took my aim the way he taught me
And then I shot him down

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