November 2, 2007
By Stacy Hall, Marion, MT

I hear my name being called at a slur,
A shriek soon follows, as little arms wrap around my leg.
I look down to see a blonde mess -
My sister.

She smiles at me with shining, blue eyes,
And an almost full mouth of teeth.
One little hand lets go, as she waves to me.
“Hi,” she says, grinning from ear to ear.
I can’t help but chuckle at her innocence.

She lets go of my leg,
Shrieking again at the sound of Pooh Bear on TV,
Leaving me to watch her waddle to the living room.
There, she silently sits on a pillow, watching her cartoon.

This only lasts five minutes,
And then she’s up again,
Grabbing a baby and a handkerchief,
Wanting me to wrap it.
I wrap the baby while she waits impatiently.

Once the doll is back in her arms,
She lays the baby down and feeds it her snack,
Getting angry,
Because the Cheetoh won’t fit in its mouth.

She’s only a year and a half old,
These little moments I cherish.
I know that she looks up to me,
Not only because of height,
But because she knows who I am.

I look down to the view of my sister,
Climbing into my lap.
Her slur of my name makes me giggle.
I give her a hug and a slight kiss on her forehead.
I love her,
And I know that she loves me, too.

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