If You Have Ten Minutes To Live…

November 2, 2007
If a tear falls,
Catch it and make a wish.
If your wish comes true,
Share it with other people.
If you have a nightmare,
Stick it in a jar and throw it away.
If happiness isn’t there,
Spread it with a contagious smile.
If you fall,
Pick somebody else up instead.
In the sun doesn’t set,
Spend all night baking cookies.
If you can’t sleep,
Turn on the radio and dance the night away.
If you have a dream,
Make it your reality.
If you receive a gift,
Give two back.
If you think your life is bad,
Take a trip to Africa and help others.
If you feelbad,
Make somebody else’s day better.
If you have ten minutes to live,
Give others your best gift…

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