November 2, 2007
By Mark Schuman, Kalipsell, MT

The memories with you…
I wish you could see, that
When I was with you,
I thought it was meant to be.

It’s so hard to tell you
That I will always feel this way-
I don’t know how you will react
Or what you might say.

You never looked too deep.
You never took the time.
It’s like you never understood that
The love given to you was mine.

To this day, I have no regret,
Even though I risked it all.
I promise I will never forget,
Though it was me who took the fall.

How could you let go
Of the love we once had
You know that I forgave you
For the lies that you had

Though the days go on,
I wish that I could say, that
I miss the times I shared with you,
Though you threw them all away.

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