Winter 2005

November 2, 2007
What a great night on that snowy evening!
Six friends, just sittin’ around schem’n,
Dream’n about the look on my buddy’s face;
In the picture, we just got done with
Our prank, and
We stood in the snow while our feet sank.
Holding our weapons of moving snow,
We all waited in a row.
Sitting, waiting for the camera to blink,
So our memories would always link
Us to this frosty evening.
The time finally came to see our masterpiece.
When he saw what we’d done, his laughter ceased.
He raged as he worked to open his door,
While we stood and laughed, more and more.
What a great sight to see his car in a mound of snow,
When all he wanted was to get in his car and go.

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