Fishermen's saddest goodbye

August 10, 2010
By thefox BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
thefox BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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The sea,
she whispers,
"Come back to me."
She slyly pushes me back inside her cold crystal abyss.
Foamy waters hug me, cradle me.
I can't, not tonight.
I walk along side her coast
teasing her,
feeling her sands in between my toes.
I smile.
Her waves caress my feet-
"Oh please come back to me. . ."
-bribing me with her bearing gifts of
seashells and trinkets from her depths beneath.
I'm sorry sea
but this,
it just can't be.
I have to go back home;
I hate to leave
but please,
don't forget me.
I let the wind wisp through my hair,
kiss my palm and let it go in the sea.
She is free
and so am I.

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