Rocking Chair

November 2, 2007
By Katrina Lalley, Kalispell, MT

Sitting in the warmth of her house,
She rocks back and forth, remembering
All of the times she has had with family and friends.
There has been anger, tears, stress, relief, regret, happiness…
All of the emotions a person could experience flood over her
As she realizes she has to leave it all.
The time has come for her to be put into a strange place
Where she will have to build new relationships.
She will have to be checked on and given pills by strangers
With new faces, no one there who she knows personally.
But the visits will come.
She will still see them for a while,
She prays that she can hold on to all the memories,
But knows they won’t last much longer.
Soon she will not be able to recognize her own daughter.
The time has come for her,
The car waits outside so,
She takes a deep breath and one last look around
At everything that will soon be forgotten.

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