A Frozen Memory

November 2, 2007
The towering, vibrant green trees
Linger over the calm water,
Looking from the shore across
Lower Thompson Lake.
An excited pup, frozen in time -
A Memory -
Peers from the picture at the viewer.
Caught in the moment of balancing
On an oversized skidder tube,
Trying not to fall into the water,
The dog – my dog -
With his wet, matted fur
And his leash still clipped to his collar,
Looks at me.
He stares at me with his soft black eyes,
His reflection dancing across the water,
His mouth part open, trying to tell me
That he is enjoying every moment of playing
In the water.
A dog is best friend to many people. . .
I will cherish this picture, because
This moment is one I will want to remember
After he is gone.

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