November 2, 2007
By Cheyenne Monroe, Kalispell, MT

When I used to look into this picture,
I saw two blonde, best friends,
with smiling faces and bright blue eyes.
Our friendship was tough, could stand anything.
We told each other everything; no secrets, no lies.

We took this picture on the way to our friends’ house,
laughing and talking the whole way there.
Who would have thought he would cause the end,
the end to our friendship and the end to the care?

We gradually stopped hanging out,
until we no longer did,
How could a friendship so strong and tough,
get turned completely upside down.
Who knew that it would be so rough?

Now, when I look at this photograph,
I see a friendship that used to be.
A friendship I never wanted to end,
But it just wasn’t meant to be.

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