Life’s Changes

November 2, 2007
A picture of one of my girls and I
Getting ready for the homecoming dance.
Multiple hours spent getting our hair straightened
And then curled again.
We are both wearing our black dresses,
Smokey eye shadow to match.
We stand in the bathroom, each facing the mirror,
Brushing our teeth, the same expression on our faces.
There are so many pictures, but this one is my favorite.
We were the girls everyone believed were inseparable,
But then things started to change.
Our lives started to head in different directions
And now we barley speak.
We’ve known each other since the summer of sixth grade,
And we live only six houses apart.
We spent every weekend together and
Made sure to talk on the phone every day.
Now, I can’t remember the last time we hung out,
And we only talk when we run into each other.
It’s amazing how fast people’s lives can change completely.
Sometimes, I think of a great memory we share,
And I wish that we were still best friends.
But our lives have changed, and we don’t have time
For each other, anymore.

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