The World

August 2, 2010
By cerritos95 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
cerritos95 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Life is awesome. And then you wake up."-Me

The world runs as i walk.
The world continues as i halt.
The world laughs as i cry.
The world lives as i die.

The world hates as i love.
The world pulls as i shove.
The world kills as i create.
The world is too early and i am too late.

The world approaches as i retreat.
The world wins as i sigh in defeat.
The world seizes as i let go.
The world is friend and i am foe.

The world is big and i am small.
The world is silenced as i call.

The author's comments:
Well the world is symbolic of evil. This is mostly about the battle between good and evil that a person has within themselves, i think. Its supposed to show how they are total opposites of each other. Its also showing how the character opinion on evil starts to slowly waver. But in the end, evil is evil and good is good.

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