The Colors of Spring

August 1, 2010
By Anonymous

The wind whips my hair around my shoulders,
And stings my eyes with icy drops of rain.
My horse breaths hard, his nostrils flare
Showing the delicate red inside,
A bright contrast to the gray road.

The three beats of his gallop ring through the night.
I tangle my fingers through his long mane,
Golden like the sun rising to greet us.
The sun throws raises of light onto the new spring grass
And sparkles on the small streams fed by the melting snow
From the mountain peaks towering above us.

I take a deep breath in the smells are rich around me.
The smell of horse, indescribable but amazing
The small of pine, spicy and sweet,
The smell of flowers, sweet and beautiful,
The smell of dirt, damp and musty.

I look around me and I see,
My fine horse beneath me golden like a sunrise
My red silk dress, stained by the rain
The flowers blowing in waves like the sea,
But with the colors of a rainbow,
The mountains on the horizon, the way I am headed,
The sky so blue and light so wonderful.
I heel my horse faster and faster till we fly like the colors of spring.

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