Wonderful Things

August 9, 2010
Water parks, submarines,
Sunny days, going green.
Big houses, painted rocks,
Misty shade, mismatched socks.
Cows mooing, ballet class,
Lemonade, Fresh-cut grass.
Brand-new cars, tire swings,
Floppy dogs, diamond rings.
Baby cats, big red balls,
Soft pillows, baby dolls.
Grandparents, magic shows,
White fences, things that glow.
Bouncy balls, summer days,
Licorice, funny plays.
Traveling, cardboard box,
Magazines, fuzzy socks.
Swimming pools, big church bells,
Trampolines, wishing wells.
Blank paper, pool noodles,
Base ball caps, fun doodles.
Green crayons, crochet hooks,
Erasers, classic books.
Tie-die shirts, bumper cars,
Beta fish, shiny stars.
Flower pots, feeling bliss,
Colored yarn, writing this!

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Lyricsofmylife said...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 7:28 am
This reminds of that song from The Sound of Music, "My Favorite Things". It is so real and yet you got it to rhyme. One of the things that I am in awe of you in is that you can make ANYTHING rhyme...ANYTHING!
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