Remarkable Love

August 9, 2010
By sboyd8 BRONZE, San Diego, California
sboyd8 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Their faces watch me, i cannot make a move.
As they follow my footsteps, they feel they cannot lose.
They laugh at my pointless jokes, I'm a hero in their eyes.
My words they copy, i must not make a noise.
When they see me cry, they make up a dance.
To see me smile, puts them in a trance.
If they knew the things I've done, i hope they'd still love me.
I've been there since they were born, so everyday they hug me.
Watching them sleep, i feel so alive.
Now knowing i must leave them, brings tears to all our eyes.
I'll love them forever, i hope they never forget.
Each day I've been with them, is one i won't regret.

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