So goodbye for now and…….

October 18, 2007
My soul is black
My wrists are sore and red
My eyes are pink and wet
My head ache with a purple monster beating it
With every step i take, i cry
I didn’t leave you
You left me
You made the choice
Not me
You made-out with her
You never thought of me
You only wanted her
(hmmm.that’s right)
Why did you ask me out
You’ve always done this to me
Now i drift away while you kiss her
You should have told me
You didn’t want me to find out
But you should have told me
Not someone else
Now i weather away
While you kiss her
I kill myself to bunch up the pain of you away
Now i meet my demise
I hope this doesn’t fasinate you
Because you brought this upon me
You are my friend
But last i knew friends don’t treat you like this
Don’t miss me
If you missed me
That means you really did love me
And you shouldn’t have kissed her
I knew you loved her
But while you dated me you should have loved me
Not a whore that wanted us apart
She just didn’t think we went together
(that’s all)
Now that we are not together
I don’t think we can be friends
I know you want to be friends
But it’s too hard to have you two together now
Now is my goodbye
Don’t regret what you did
I know you won’t
So goodbye for now and…….


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