Why Do You Hurt Me Like This?

August 9, 2010
By moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
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If you cant love yourself how in the world are you gonna love someone else?

Did you know that you hurt me?
every time that you get into
one of your moods and
wont talk to me.

i sit here
waiting for you to
come talk to me but
you never do.

I wish that you would
just tell me what's wrong
with you but you
never want to tell me anything.

How am i supposed to
help you get over whats
bothering you if you
wont talk to me?

I'm stuck between
deciding whether or not
to wait until you talk to me
on your own or finding a way

to force you to tell me
whats bothering you
but i know that no matter what
i do you'll never tell me

whats wrong with you .
so why should i even try?
you're always gonna shut me

Like I'm a stray animal
that you don't want living
in your house but that's
ok, I know that in the future

you'll start telling me whats
wrong with you without
me having to ask you to
tell me whats wrong with you.

So there is still some hope
for you yet.

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